You have an iOS device, your neighbor’s entire family has an iOS device, and even your company gives out iOS devices to its employees. Your neighbor probably told you that everyone in his family has a smart device and it’s great since he can keep watch over his family even when he is not with them. As far as work is concerned, you might not have given a second thought when your boss handed you the iPhone and said this will be yours to keep after a couple years, but till that time it will monitored

The two main questions that come to mind, after hearing about all the monitoring and tracking of iOS devices, are why is it done? And how is it done?

Why is it done?

The two scenarios given above are some of the many uses of monitoring and it should give you a slight idea of the reasons behind it. Let’s elaborate a bit, the neighbor is probably concerned about the safety of his kids and spouse, and the security of personal data on his device. Being able to check the children’s activities he could probably prevent an untoward incident from happening i.e. exposure to inappropriate material, cyber bullying, tracking their movement to see they don’t venture dangerous neighborhoods or other similar off-limit areas. Also, if his or his wife’s smartphone gets stolen or lost, he can make sure that personal and private information is deleted even though he doesn’t have the device.(Yes he can do that)

As far as the scenario regarding the company is concerned, every business wants to secure its data and make sure that productivity is maintained. Let’s take an example, imagine that you are in-charge of deliveries and you have specifically told your delivery guy to make sure that he follows a certain route to save time and fuel. He comes back and says he did follow the route, but he was stuck in traffic with the tracking function you can check if he really did stick to the streets and roads you had asked him to.

Again, these are just a few of the reasons behind the monitoring and tracking of iOS devices, there are many others in fact it mostly depends on the user, meaning you, and how you wish to use it.For a detective it would be an important tool to gather information and proof. For an individual who is suspicious about someone close to them… well we’ll leave it your imagination.


How is it done?

Well we have mentioned a few of the many reasons above and now we’ll move onto how it’s done. The monitoring of iOS devices takes place through software or specifically specialized apps that have features and functionality designedfor monitoring and tracking. If you search you’ll probably find many such apps. An app is installed on the device you wish to spy on and using a web-based interface you can monitor and control the app on the target device remotely. To further explain the process and functionalities we’ll use a well-known tracking app – XNSPY.

Xnspy allows monitoring and tracking of both jailbreak and no-jailbreak iPhones and iPads. You have to purchase the app and afterwards will be provided with account details, an activation code and installation instructions. The installation process for jailbroken iOS devices requires you to have physical access to the target device and for the no-jailbreak version you need the target device’s iCloud login details.

Once you have installed and activated the app on the target device – it goes into stealth mode and is not visible to the iPhone/iPad user. Then you can conveniently login through the web-based control panel to send out commands and do remote monitoring. Depending on the package you chose, you will have a long list of functionalities available to you, we have mentioned some of them below:

  • View Call History – know who’s been called or who’s been calling in on the target device.
  • Read all incoming and outgoing SMS – see what sort of conversations have been taking place.
  • View bookmarks and browsing history – know what sites have been visited through the target device.
  • Geo Fencing – get an alert if the iOS target device enters a specific area.
  • View Location History – Know where the target device has been.
  • Remotely lock phone or delete all data – Powerful feature to protect data and private/personal files.
  • Get an Alert on SIM card change – know if someone has put in another SIM in place of old one (useful incase phone has been stolen or lost).

We hope we were able to answer your questions regarding monitoring on the iPhone device. If you’re intrigued then we suggest that you give it a try as the practical applications for such spying software are numerous.