Outscraper is a “web & data scraping service.” It can scrape data from Google Maps, Google Maps Reviews, Google Maps Photos, Google Maps Traffic Data, Google Play Reviews, Emails, Amazon Products, and Amazon Product Reviews. That data could be extracted using the Outscraper web tool or the ‘Outscraper API service.


Do you need to scrape information from a public source? Check out the services to find out what best suits you.

Data Scraper for Google Maps

  • Extracts location data from Google Maps and company websites

Scraper for Google Maps Reviews

  • Exports all reviews from any number of Google Maps businesses.

Extraction of Google Maps Traffic and Directions

  • Google Maps traffic and directions are exported.

Scraper for Amazon Products

  • Amazon listings are scraped.

Scraper for Amazon Reviews

  • Reviews and ratings from Amazon products are scraped.

Emails and Phone Numbers Scraper

  • E-mail addresses and social profiles can be extracted from any website.

Creating Leads

  • Generate high-quality leads by utilising various internet sources and big data.

Making a Business Directory

  • Create your special business directory by aggregating big data.

Management of Reputation

  • Get and keep track of reviews and ratings from any number of businesses.

Outscraper has been far more user-friendly than other options and has provided me with valuable information. When firms needed it, their customer service was also helpful. Outscraper service was extremely beneficial to many companies. Aside from their super fast API for various services, their amazing support will keep you coming back.

Final Thoughts

Outscraper is a simple, intuitive interface that provides fast and reliable data on Google Maps locations. The platform has advanced features while remaining user-friendly. Several firms used Outscraper to extract relevant public data from about 120,000+ locations in the last 12 months.

Web App: Outscraper