When we’re carrying our Smartphone in the pocket or hands, we’re like carrying our world with us. We throw it up in the air casually and miss the catch and suddenly, our world is broken into pieces. It’s like you’ve been cut out of the world and you’re invisible to the eyes of others. That Smartphone had everything that belonged to you; your contacts, documents and was your only source of contact with the rest of the world and now it’s all into ashes. But wait! It means that you were living your life in a 4.5” display. Don’t you think it’s a little too small for a world that has no boundaries and a canvas as big as your thoughts are! So why don’t we expand it up a little and see how the life is on silver screen when we’ve always been limited to doing soap operas!

I am talking about the web app called Mobizen that allows you to use your Android device from your PC. There are two modes to do so. You can either use your PC’s internet browser or you can download their PC app. But first you need to install their Android app by the same name on your Android device.

Now as soon as your phone is connected with your PC, you’re like carrying a bigger version of the same Android phone. The UI on the PC is exactly the same as on your Android device, thanks to the perfect mirroring that you can tap, drag and swipe with your mouse. Play videos, listen to music, play games and open any app installed on your phone on your system. We’ve seen many PC suites that allow you to transfer data over a USB cable or Wi-Fi, but transferring your complete phone on to a different screen is a very different experience. So now if you want to watch movies on your laptop but don’t want to miss a single message, I guess this is the app that you’re looking for.

The UI is extremely elegant and neatly designed. You’ll never feel the weight of the big system on your laps. Rather the new experience is richer, wider and of course, spacious. Whether you want to access the music library or your call logs, it all has been sorted out in a much better way than your phone can ever do. This app is really helpful in your office as it allows you to type messages with the keyboard and save ample of time. Moreover, you don’t have to switch your eyes again and again in between the two screens anymore.

So if you’re a regular user of PC, this app is perfect for you and looking at the current trend of PC users, I think everyone of you falls under the category. Let’s set your eyes on the big screen now and stop looking at the small screen under a microscope!

Pros: elegant and neatly designed UI; connect over PC app or web browser; perfect PC mirroring; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application – Get Mobizen Now