Zip Code API’s helps you to fetch the distance between two points anywhere on the globe. With ZipCode API, you can easily design any software or website that requires zip codes. These API’s considerably minimize the programmer’s work and give you zip codes with much accuracy and reliability. I would strongly suggest for fetching zip codes. 

ZipCodeBase helps fetch zip code to location, which means to retrieve information about the primary location behind a zip code. It helps you calculate the distance between two or multiple zip codes available in km or miles, and helps find zip codes within a given radius. It also gives you the entire list of all the postal codes within a given city, state or country. The web app comes with a complete documentation for all of these.  

ZipCodeBase has come up with a plan for every usage of yours varying from small to unlimited. It would be the best choice when it comes for commercial usage as they charge only what you use. There is a free plan that helps you test the various usage of this app so that you can see for yourself how well the app works. All that you have to do is to register to get access to the free plan. ZipCodeBase assists you in processing the monthly or concurrent requests, gives you personal or email support, HTTPS encryption and concierge onboarding. All the plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time we prefer. 

The best part of using is that it helps you lookup zip codes, calculate distances and much more with the free zip code api, access worldwide data from over a 100+ countries and process 10,000 free requests / month at a much fair pricing in quite a few minutes. The free zip code API offers postal code data from over 100+ countries all around the world.

Some of the advantages of this web app are that, it is constantly updated and has data that is verified from various sources. It provides good performance even when you request high volume of data. The ZipCodeBase returns search results in JSON format so that they can be easily integrated with any application. gives you a wide range of endpoints so that you can access any data you need. 

Using this web app is just a breeze and you won’t have any hassles. As you visit the website, you can find a search icon that helps you fetch the code snippets of any particular location in just a few seconds. In case you have any queries or wish to give some feedback, you can contact the team on the website through the contact form. 

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