How much would you spend on employee training?  There are many training methods and most of them can be very expensive.  You also want a service that you know will inspire your employees to work and, therefore, increase productivity within the company.  So what is Docebo?  Docebo has paired up with Google apps to give you the best service you can receive, giving you the chance to train up to ten employees free!  If you have more than ten employees, more details about that will be explained later on.  How to check it out?  Get a Google Apps account and sign up.

Docebo E-learning Cloud service provides solutions that cost a lot less and more technical experience from your employees.  Not to mention that you don’t have to pay any travel expenses, since they can log in from anywhere in the world.  Docebo will track every activity that has to do with training, which helps when you want proof that the users are learning or have completed a certain course.  You can also apply e-learning for product, software, security, privacy, school and university training as well as other areas.  It is no wonder that companies like Sky, Accenture, volksbank and other major companies choose to use Docebo over other web services.

Now if you go to the direct website, on the far left you will have a demo option in which you can witness what to expect from Docebo before you download it.  Docebo shows an interactive way to learn simple things such as management, health and safety, soft skills and even the English language.  The best part about these courses is that they are completely free of charge.  You can also upload your own training materials, tests, manage forum collaboration and generate certificates.  From all other 53 features, this program is more than able to provide a learning experience for many.

Need new ways to implement e-learning?  Now Docebo has mobile implementation, in which you can use your mobile for e-learning when times are rough without limitations.  The great thing about this application is that it’s always updating their resources to keep it running.  With Docebo being a Google app and the times being rough, you should definitely trust a company that proves to be worth it.  Now if you want your information exported for reports and other purposes, this application is more than willing to transfer the information to Excel in an organized manner.

Now if you ask for user rating, there is no problem with finding reviews on their own website.  A lot of people rate this service as 5 stars and most recommend the free basic courses for small businesses.  There are no installation or activation fees, which makes it much easier to try this great service.  As for pricing options, the first ten users are free on the account and pricing for the rest depends on how many other employees you sign up.  The fees are charged on a monthly basis and they are lowered per user as you sign up more employees for e-learning.  The website has both big and small business solutions, so nobody is left behind on this great deal.

Overall, this application is a must have for big companies that need to cut costs without sacrificing productivity from their employees and small businesses who could definitely use the free lessons for their employees.  The website has been translated in over 25 different languages, assuring that anyone can learn through their portal.  Be sure to look at the videos and demos on their page for other references regarding all the features that aren’t fully covered here.

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