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Being productive is a very subjective thing. Whether it means to keep working 24*7 or complete your tasks in minimal time is highly debatable. However, what is not debatable is its importance. Being productive is quite important, especially for a blogger.  

If you are a blogger, you probably know how bad procrastination can affect you. When working without any real deadlines, productivity seems to go away. Consistency thus becomes difficult to achieve.  

However, there are various ways to become more efficient and productive. So if you are wondering how to do so, below are 7 genius ways to increase your productivity as a blogger.  

1. Set small achievable goals 

We as humans tend to get lazier with increasingly large projects or goals. However, having a small goal is helpful. It doesn’t guarantee productivity. But it instead promotes us to work. When we keep a small achievable goal, we tend to work towards it and achieve it, thus getting rewards from it.  

This can trick you into working more and being productive. Having a proper framework to achieve those goals will further boost your efficiency. Much of your productivity is a result of mental preparation. Bloggers tend to start out mentally unprepared, leading to less efficiency and productivity. However, small targets overcome this problem since they are achievable and prepare you for the grind. 

2. Divide your time  

Another way of saying do not multitask. Multitasking is an incredibly good way to not be productive. As opposed to popular belief, multitasking is actually counter-productive. If you cannot divide your attention properly, multitasking will only lead to errors in judgment. While blogging, this can mean poor content. 

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Thus, multitasking only increases your work and stress. In order to be productive, you must need to learn to divide your time between each task. This will allow you to complete a designated task effectively and focus on the thing at hand.  

3. Research beforehand 

A lot of time, procrastination and productivity issues arise out of lack of research. Once your research is done, you can easily start working on your assignment. If you do this step just before your deadline, chances are you will procrastinate even more. To be more productive, researching can help you create an outline of your write-up and motivate you to start working. 

So if you are working on App reviews, you can look into app marketing or app promotions. This will be providing you with a lot of information. It will also reduce the time spent idling around and increase your productivity. 

4. Get your blood pumping 

If you find yourself unable to work, the best thing to do is to go for a walk or even do some exercise. Most of our productivity loss comes when we get lazy or exhausted. Performing light exercises or a couple of minutes of cardio will help you regain focus and pump you for work. It is an effective way to work. 

5. Take a break 

Other than exercising, giving yourself a little break from blogging can help you be more productive as well. One effective and great way to take a break is to play in an escape room. You can try offline or online variants and boost your mental prowess as well. You can listen to songs or watch a video and come back to work.  

6. Keep your distractions Away 

Whether it is your phone, people, or social media, staying away from distractions for even a couple of hours can be useful for you. If you find yourself checking for messages every other minute, it is best to keep your phone away. Distractions can come in all sizes and shapes. Identify these distractions and lock them away. 

7. Identify your work time 

Knowing when your body and mind allow you to work at full capacity is a great way to increase productivity. Rather than trying to focus and force your body to work all day long, It is best to squeeze at maximum work in a few hours. This is when your body is working optimally, allowing you to work without any hindrance. Doing so will help you be productive and even increase your work time. 


It can be nearly impossible to work someday, while the other days you just cannot get enough of working. However, the goal is not to burn out quickly. As a blogger, you need to be consistent. Consistency is achieved through patience and hard work.  

Being productive thus is quite important. Utilize the above-mentioned 7 genius way to increase your productivity as a blogger.