Wineosphere is remarkable and beautifully designed app that provides wine fanatics with all the information available on wines from Australia and Newzealand. These countries are known to produce the most famous wines in the world. The app has a beautiful user interface. In fact, the first thing you come across after downloading and installing this app is the guideline on how to use it. The app is designed to serve both experts in analyzing wines and amateurs. Wineosphere will provide you very interesting and useful facts about Kiwi and Aussie wines.

The information you get from this app is very detailed. You will find anything from reviews, comparisons, availability and description of taste for each search that you run. The app features a very comprehensive database of over 2500 fully independent reviews with new additions available continuously for you to download. You can check the price of each wine quickly by tapping a single button.


Features of the app

1.Social network -Wineosphere has its social network of wine fanatics. The social network has many users who share information about different aspects of wine. The social network is very intuitive and educative. If you are a wine fanatic, you will find a chance to share you knowledge with thousands of individuals from all over the world who share the same interests as you. Though you will be able to benefit more from this app if you live in Australia, you will also enjoy its features even if you reside outside the country.

2. Constant update on news concerning wine- The app comes with a newspaper like a feature that is regularly updated to ensure that users stay updated with all news concerning wine as soon as they happen.

3. A wide collection of wines from Australia- The app features a wide information on nearly all the different brands of wine in Australia. By searching in the app, you will find the information you are looking for instantly. The information includes tastes, prices, reviews and anything you can think about.


4. Simple user interface- The best feature of this app is its easy user interface. It is clutter free and easy to navigate. Finding information about a given brand of wine is very easy. You just need to use the inbuilt search engine, and you will find the information you are looking for instantly. The social network is easy to use, and you can order your favorite wine with just a single tap.

6. Broad data base-The app features a very broad and detailed wine database. The database features over 2500 fully independent wine reviews from different sources all over the world.

This app is a must-have for every wine lover in Australia. The simple user interface makes it easy to use. The in-built social network lets you connect with like-minded individuals while constantly getting updated with new developments in the exciting wine industry through the regularly updated news feed. You can also check the prices of different wines, read reviews and order right from the app. You can download the app freely from the iTunes app store.

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