Pictures are the best way to preserve a memory and they are the tools through which we narrate the past of our families and our nation’s history. Everybody loves to read a book with illustrative pictures rather than just flipping through pages of plain text. The importance of the most valued and treasured pictures are always priceless. Arranging them in chronological order also requires immense amount of skill, interest and passion. Photo albums are the best way to keep our pictures organized, instead of just presenting them without any such order. Apart from preserving our family pictures in albums, photo albums are also used as effective tools in marketing for advertising product catalogs. Photo album 2 is a Mac app which allows users to create a flipping book photo album. This is a great way to share your albums instead of just mailing them in bulk with Picasa links. Photo Album 2 helps the users to create albums in a quick and easy manner with the help of some interesting predesigned templates that are available in the app. The users can then upload their albums in and can share their memorable pictures with loved ones.


To get started with the app, the user has to register with by providing their basic information and creating a login account. They can also sign up through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The user can then create a new album; first they have to give a name for the album, and then select a theme for the album from the list of predesigned themes available in the app. Finally, the users can add their favorite photos to the album by selecting iPhoto, Flickr or Picasa. The users can also manipulate the order of the pictures, top – down, right to left and cover. The app also offers some additional arrangement options which can be explored by the users. In the free trial version, users can create albums which will hold up to 100 pages along with three free themes.

ü  Photo albums can be created in an easy and effortless manner.

ü  The full version of the app contains 10 themes; the users can purchase additional themes from the theme library which has been designed by professionals.

ü  The outstanding collection of themes in the theme shop covers various occasions such as wedding, portfolio albums, product catalogs, travel and much more. There is a 50 % off on all additional photo album themes.

ü  Users can improve the look of their pictures with help of photo editing tools like filters, tone adjustor etc.

ü  The app also has additional features such as storing the photo album in PDF format, printing the albums and many other useful options.

ü  The photo albums can be uploaded on, which is an online service to host the albums. Users can easily share the link with their friends and the album can be viewed from multiple devices.


Photo Album 2 app is a very useful app for beginners to experts. The app can be easily downloaded from the Mac app store and is available for $14.99. Download the app and make your pictures look more interesting and entertaining.  You can download it for Free here.

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