The Old Win Downtown Casino app is indisputably the best gambling simulation game available for gamers who want to relive the Las Vegas adrenaline rush. The nostalgic gambling game is currently available for gamers with Apple mobile devices.



Old Win Downtown Casino app has specifically been designed for the iPad and iPhone. The app operates with an Apple device that runs on the iOS operating system or a later version. It is available in version 1.1 and was recently updated on April 21, 2016.

The casino gambling simulation app has a size of 68.2 MB and has been rated 12+. Its rating is due to the gambling simulation which is rather frequent and intense too.

Old Win Downtown Casino is available on the iTunes App Store. It is free of charge for a limited period of time.



Nostalgic Experience

The siren alarms, spinning reels and jingling coins will certainly evoke memories of the Las Vegas slot machine experience.

Classic Retro Designs

The integral graphic designs of the Old Win Downtown Casino app are quite intricate. They belong to another era and the attention to detail is quite unique. The old fashioned mechanical reel slot machines will certainly keep players occupied for hours on end. The old fashioned fortune wheels and the retro sound effects perfectly recreate the Old Vegas gambling scene with amazing clarity.

No Real Money

Users of the Old Win Downtown Casino app do not need any tangible real money to play the game. They use rewards and virtual game coins when engaged in game-play.

Freedom from the Internet

The Old Win Downtown Casino app does not require an internet connection. The internet is only required when the player downloads the app from iTunes. This ensures that users can engage in gameplay for as long as they like without having to worry about internet connections and downtime.

Themed Slots Galore

There are a variety of themed slots available in the app for players to choose from for a more customized gaming experience.


1. Free of charge, at least for now

2. No internet connection required

3. Detailed graphics

4. Classic vintage looks and appeal

5. No real money required to play

6. Great boredom killer

7. Wide variety of themed slots machine

8. Authentic gambling game sounds

9. Remarkably low memory usage

10. Fun and really entertaining




The Old Win Downtown Casino app is guaranteed to take Apple gamers on an entertaining and exciting trip down memory lane. The effects, graphics, and gameplay are reminiscent of Las Vegas many gamers probably read or heard about earlier in their lives. The graphic design behind the gambling app is exceptional. The vintage fortune wheel and the mechanical reel slot machines from a bygone era are bound to intrigue players.

The sound effects that come with the app are awe inspiring for lack of a better term. The jingling coins and the reel slot machine sound effects are perfectly reproduced in a realistic fashion.

The Old Win Downtown Casino app is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store. It is the perfect app for gamers who want to relieve Las Vegas as it was in the golden era and pass the entertaining hours away. It is an exceptionally designed app that is guaranteed to engage avid gambling game fanatics.

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