No matter how much storage is supported by your PC and mobiles, it never seems to be enough. There are some documents, files, pictures and videos that you want to access from anywhere anytime but it is not possible without a cloud storage option. Most of the providers that offer cloud storage charge you an exorbitant amount which sometimes becomes impossible to afford. Now there is an option for iPhone and iPad users to get 20GB of free cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. ITunes now has pCloud which is a new app with 20GB of free cloud storage.


PCloud, presented by PCLOUD LTD, brings an opportunity to store data on the account and access it from PC, Mobile or any compatible device. The uploading process is easy enough for anyone to understand. It becomes easy to share photos and videos with your friends through the use of the application. The app supports several languages and it is appropriate for anyone who is looking for mobile accessibility. If you feel it is comfortable and convenient to use, you can upgrade to paid plans and save files up to 100GB, 300GB or 1 TB. This comes with a monthly and yearly rental which is again quite affordable.



  • pCloud allows you to save all files to your online cloud account and then access them from anywhere and any compatible device.
  • Once you sign up for the account, you are rewarded with 10GB of usage which can go up to 20BG with bonus storage space.
  • You can upload files from anywhere. You can even pause the upload, and again start it when you feel like.
  • The process is synchronized in the real time. Whenever, you make any change you can see the change instantly on all the devices.
  • You will get instant access to the docs, photos, videos and other files you load on your account.
  • With upload links your friends can also upload their files on your account. You will be able to see them.
  • If you want you can allow automatic backup of your photos and videos on your cloud account.
  • If you mark a file as your favorite, you can use it even without an internet connection.
  • There is no file size limit in the app.
  • You can always increase the storage capacity to 100 GB, 300 GB, and 1 TB. Literally you don’t have a storage limit. The monthly rentals are $ 4.99, $ 14.99, $ 49.99 respectively for one month. With yearly pack you can save 20%.
  • The app version 1.5.0 is compatible to iOS 6.0 or later.
  • The app takes around 8.7 MB space on your device.

Summary: PCloud is an efficient and space saving app on iTunes that provides you free and paid storage for saving files, pictures and video under one platform and you can access and share them from anywhere.

Good: The 20GB storage space is free and the rentals of the paid packages are quite reasonable.

Bad: Once you activate a pack, you cannot cancel it in the middle of the tenure.

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