Snappn by Snappn is an app that aggregates reviews of iOS games as well as apps released on February 12th, 2013.  The developer is Snappn and the Company’s name is Snappn as well.  Snappn can help users by providing professional reviews, so that they are not misled by fake reviews. The reviews provided scores that are measured with regard to the quality of the app and how relevant and useful it would be to the user.  You can find the best apps as well as games with the help of the reviews. All the reviews are put together to offer a single score. It is a free app under the Utilities category and is designed for the iPhone as well as the iPad. The languages available are several, such as English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French among others.  The app has compatibility with iPhone 3GS as well as iPhone 4, 4S, 5; iPod touch of the 5th generation along with iPad. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5.



  • You can also view the videos of the apps, which Snappn allows you to find easily.
  • It is easy to browse through different apps by means of seeing the screenshots or using categories.
  • The grading of apps is done by basing it on professional reviews of the apps to be found in blog as well as several big industry publications.
  • The size of the app is 3.1 MB and is available in the 1.0 version
  • You can read in depth regarding any app or any game before you start downloading the same.
  • It offers a unique mix or a Snappn Score along with other details and information about how popular the app is and details of the user base.


  • The Snappn Score is nothing but the average of all the sources reviewed by the app.
  • Sources are blogs as well as Macworld, iTunes rating from Apple and so on.
  • The app can be used for finding the Snappn Score for an application.
  • All the top rated applications of all time can be viewed
  • You can find apps through categories, such as paid category or free category.
  • The reviews can be directly read from the Snappn app.
  • You can also leave behind your own review for any app and rate them.
  • It is also possible to save an application and download it later.+



The Good

The rating provided is based on an average and thus provides a fair score. It also uses iTunes rating but offers an overall rating, so that developers are not able to just release a new version in order to mask the previous lower ratings of other versions. An average rating is provided.

The Bad

The app requires an iOS of 5.1 or later.


The Snappn App has been created with the purpose of providing ratings and reviews for apps. Many people find it difficult to find the apps they are looking for in the App store and Snappn helps them by providing reviews from different trustworthy sources along with averaged ratings.  By downloading the Snappn, you can easily find the best and top rated apps.

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