With smartphones and their powerful apps enriching almost every facet of our lives it comes as no surprise that there is an onslaught of useful apps for driving. The following nine apps are sure to make your next drive a pleasant one:



Trapster is an app that is sure to save you a lot of time and trouble on the road. This app informs you of upcoming red-light cameras and accidents. It also keeps you up-to-date with traffic. Save time by finding an alternate route before you get hung up.


When you need to fill up, you wind up wasting extra gas looking for the cheapest price. This app cuts all of that out. It displays the ten closest gas stations and lets you see what their prices are, making it easy to make the best choice for your wallet.

My Max Speed 2.0

The days of receiving a speed ticket you just don’t understand are over. This app logs your speed every 5 seconds to help you keep under the limit. Or, next time you get a ticket, you will have the facts on your side to back yourself up.

Carr Matey

Do not be fooled by the silly pirate theme: this app works. Carr Matey is a powerful car location tool. The next time you park in a massive multi-tiered parking garage make sure to have this app handy to avoid getting lost!


A simple alternative to voice-based texting apps,Bzzy allows you to set a simple away message that will auto-respond to a text informing the sender that you are currently busy with whatever activity. Convenient for those who would prefer to not even bother trying to juggle driving and texting.


Few things are worse than trying to find a parking spot in an unfamiliar city. More often than not you may end up settling for an expensive space in a parking garage. Enter ParkMe. ParkMe shows you the closest parking garages, meters or free lots for you to park your car.


This app presents a 21st century replacement for hitch-hiking. Avego allows you to see if any other users of the app are nearby looking for or offering a ride. The app has a rating system to ensure safety, and the option to list a fee if you want.


Whether you are a fuel efficiency freak or just want to save a few bucks, this app is a great choice. It provides an on-the-fly analysis of your driving style, so you can adjust your brake and gas pedal habits for better fuel efficiency.


This app is fantastic for making your trip safer. It calculates the distance of cars around you and provides a warning if you are starting to get too close, providing an ‘eye on the road’ for you.

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