Today’s era is increasingly become more connected to mobile phones and other devices. In such cases it becomes difficult to keep track of what our loved ones are being subjected to. It is most common that people who own a gadget become sensitive when they realise that their device is being monitored. Also it is equally difficult for you to often open your child’s device and check their activities. In such cases many monitoring software in the market come to our aid. They can, once installed into the target device, monitor the device’s every activity. These applications are also capable of carrying out commands like taking a screenshot of the target device and sending it to you.

One such application called PC Tattletale has proven to be most beneficial to parents and businesses alike where they can monitor the activities of their children and employee, respectively, in a transparent manner. This app allows parents to find any malicious websites being visited by your child or if they are being harmed through the internet in any way. It also lets employers to view and track the emails of their employees, monitor attendance and control their social media usage during office hours.

There are many benefits of using PC Tattletale. A few of them are,

  • Transparency
  • Remains hidden from the target device
  • Can be used on multiple devices
  • Tracking can be done remotely
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly for non-technical persons

PC Tattletale comes to the rescue when you need assistance with remote monitoring. It has proven to be extremely useful for parents, teachers and businesses.