One of the best child and family tracking application to ever come into the market; Safe & Found gives people with a family a safe and secure feeling of knowing where their children are, using the GPS tracker and  monitor the web content on their child’s device.

Safe & Found is highly beneficial for parents who often worry about their children and their welfare. Using this application alone, it is possible to manage the digital content that appears in your kid’s devices. It also tells you the time your kids leave to school from home and when they leave school for home. You can create and modify locations that are safe for the kids like your home, the school, the playground, the park, the library or even a friend’s house. This tracking application is the perfect solution for everyone in your family including your pets. Many people find it difficult to get back their pets once they have wandered off.

It is also easy to remotely locate and erase the data from your phone if you lost your phone. You can even track your device if you have misplaced it somewhere. The application also comes along with an in-built SOS button which you can click on to send notification to all members of your family which will also send them your location through GPS.

Safe & Found application manages the entire family’s safety and remotely also secures the children’s view of the internet. You get to have the entire control of your family’s online presence where you can restrict some websites and manage already installed applications.