It is experienced that in the past few years, it’s become harder for me to find developers who continue to release quality games that I will enjoy playing without hesitation. Fortunately, Simon Jelusic is one of those developers who releases top notch games, and I must admit that they’re rather addictive.  And now I have Royal Tiles game, which is possibly my new favorite. I was put forward some splendid experience to face challenges while fixing tiles. This game is completely entertaining too.

How to Play ROYAL TILES Game

  • Begin the game off with all players having a player board.
  • You have “factories” that create tiles each round.
  • These “factories” make 4 tiles which you can use to design your wall.
  • While in your turn you can get tiles from a factory but the thing is that you have to take all the tiles of that color from the specific factory.
  • For instance if you want blue tiles and the factory has 3 blue tiles, you have to take all 3.
  • Play the tiles on your board in a row.
  • If you have too many tiles for the row, the tiles remaining “break” and cause your score to be reduced.

What Makes ROYAL TILES Game Features So Interesting

  • Select from different emotes to play with – angry, prophet, sad, servant & more
  • Awesome 30 challenging game levels with increasing difficulties
  • You can Invite new players on the game
  • Make your own collection of the royal tiles
  • Different Game Modes – Offline Mode or Multiplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Game Mode with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players
  • In-game tutorial to learn how to play the royal tiles puzzle
  • Option of Multiple languages supported – English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Deutsch
  • Buy coins from the online shop & Buy game skins from the game shop
  • Upgrade to get more emotes in the game

How to Score Points in Royal Tiles Game

Find each round ends once all the tiles from the factory have been taken. The Points are scored horizontally and vertically for rows of the same color tiles. Moreover the “factories” are filled randomly each round so you can end up with a great score, minimal score, no score or a negative score in a round depending on what comes up in the “factories” and what color you need.

Specifically you cannot score points on incomplete rows. When you take your color from a factory, any other color tiles get moved to the middle. If no one takes from the center pile, often the last player ends up having to take tiles from that collection. This generally can often mean a negative score if there are too many of the same color in the center. Also your score is worked out on the columns and rows you have filled with extra points for columns or rows of the same color.

How to Get Rewards with Referrals

  • If you refer 1 friend you will be getting an Avatar
  • If you refer 3 friends you will be getting a new tile skin set
  • If you refer 5 friends you will be rewarded with some attractive and unique emoticons
  • If you refer 10 friends you will be rewarded with you are going to unlock some unknown features of the game

If you want a unique game, then go for this Royal Tiles game, which only entertain you with more satisfaction and best results.