The brain training apps are intended to improve your memory, thinking skills, focus, and intelligence, with the ultimate goal of improving your performance on important daily tasks.

People of all ages have been looking for brain training games to help them improve their mental functioning, response time, and logic skills. Indeed, studies show that playing brain games can improve overall mental agility and prevent brain ageing.

Readlax: Brain Games is one of the best brain training and speed reading apps. It not only has a user-friendly platform and a diverse range of features, but it also stimulates you to read and enhance your vocabulary while keeping your brain agile. You can certainly improve your memory, read faster, focus, and visual span with the Readlax brain training app.

What’s Special about Readlax: Productivity Platform?

Readlax provides online brain games and workouts. The app comprises Memory Training, Speed Reading, Touch Typing, Focus and Concentration, and Peripheral Vision.

Speed Reading is the practice of incredibly quickly identifying and absorbing the whole phrases on a page instead of just identifying specific words. Working memory is a quality cognitive system with a reduced capacity that can temporarily store information. Working memory is necessary for reasoning, decision-making, and behaviour guidance.

Why Should You Need Readlax?

  • Enhances concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Stress Reduction
  • Enhances Learning Capacity
  • Increases Empathy
  • Increases Vocabulary

It is enumerated that users of Readlax enhance their reading speed by 50% on average in two weeks of training without losing comprehension.

How Does It Work?

  • Engage in mental exercises;
  • Highlight phrases in books and news;
  • Evaluate your reading speed and comprehension.

Readlax involves measuring your workout progress with a comprehension and reading test. Why? Reading is an advanced mental function of our brain that vigorously uses working memory, visual image, word encoding and decoding, concentration, the ability to focus, and special awareness. The greater the development of these mental abilities, the faster comprehension, and reading.

Final Thoughts

Every day, new brain teaser apps appear in the App Store and Google Play store, claiming to improve memory and concentration, raise IQ, or improve other cognitive skills. But we were greatly intrigued with Readlax because it appeared to be unique, and something set it apart from the others.