Nimble Strong

Among several different iPhone bartending applications to choose from, Nimble Strong is very unique and hard to put down.

Instead of an app that just gives you the recipes on how to make a tequila sunrise, cape cod, and other popular drinks, this game is mixed with a variety of characters ranging from the strange man who is just looking to pick up women to the fragile girl who just broke up with her boyfriend.

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Once you receive a drink order, a timer starts along with the upbeat music. Not only is your performance measured on the time it takes to make the drink, but the accuracy of the drink as well. Did you put the right amount of liquor?

Is the drink topped off with the correct garnish? Did you make enough tips to advance to the next level and open a new category of drinks to learn how to make?

Once complete, print out the Nimble Strong Bartending Certificate and hang it next to your Harvard diploma because you’ve just completed a $300 bartending course disguised as a $5 video game. See the sexy promo video at!