It is always a problem for a dog lover to understand the language of their adorable pet. Dogs keep barking and the owner hardly can understand what actually bugging it. Perhaps they want to express some physical pains or some other things that irritates them a lot, but due to lack of communication they cannot make their owner understand.  Dog lovers always try to explore the inner feelings of their lovable pets. My dog talks is an uptimate app for the owners as it can make them understand the language. With the advancement of the technology, to some extent this imagination perhaps gets a shape. Moreover, for the dog lovers it is a very good news as they can see their pets to be talking with verse. My dog talks has so many amazing features that really an affair of fun.



  • This application is a real wonder. Owner of pets can experience their pets to be talking electronically.
  • You can cut the picture of your dog’s face and put it into the app. Moreover, You can modify its lip just like humans and give it various types of hilarious faces.
  • Besides this, there is also an opportunity to record the voice of your dog.
  • You can make the video and send it to the kids who are far away from home, from your pets.
  • You can also directly share these videos and photos of your pets via social networking sites.
  • There are numbers of dog voices available in this app. You can choose anyone that  closely resembles to your dog’s voice and personality. If you talk over the phone, watch and then listen how your dogs repeats your words amazingly.
  • There are various types of amusing faces are available. You can choose any one as you want to imagine your endearing pet.
  • You can find this app very user friendly and people of any age can handle it with ease.


  • If you want to make some hilarious videos of your speaking dog, you can record the voice by just a single tapping.
  • You can save the task you have made in the dog park zone of this app and play it again and again according to your wish.
  • It was released on 4th June, 2013 with the latest version 1.2. The size is very manageable and it is just 6.4MB.
  • It is extremely compatible with all the iPod and iPad versions.


Summary:  Invention of the my dog app is one of the most avant-garde creation of the technology. With the help of this app, now dog lovers can experience their imagination to be true. It will help you to experience more funny moments with your adorable dogs.

Good: Due to its user friendly attributes, anybody can handle it smoothly. You can share beautiful memorable moments of your dogs with your friends very easily as you can transfer these via email and social networking sites.

Bad: It is not free. You have to open the iTunes and need to buy this app, though the cost is less.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *  *

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