The budget is not just a number, it’s a way of life.

Budgeting is a necessity in today’s society. The average person has over $3,000 in credit card debt and it’s only getting worse.

There are many ways to budget your money, but one of the most popular methods is using a budget app. These apps allow you to keep track of your spending and give you alerts when you’re going over your allotted amount for the day. They can also help you save money by telling you when there are deals available at nearby stores that match what you need.

Budgeting is not a new concept it has been around for centuries. But, the process of budgeting was always tedious and difficult to manage. Nowadays, with the help of a budget app, you can easily track your expenses and stay within your budget limits.

The best part about these apps is that they are available on all devices – phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can even use them offline without an internet connection.

This is how you can use a budget app:          

1) Create a monthly goal that has to be met

2) Track your expenses on daily basis

3) Set up alerts for when you go over your monthly limit

Download our budget app today and find out how you can save money, on the go!

I am a person who likes to have my personal budget and financial situation calculated automatically. I was tired of having to guess my budget amount every month. I was looking for an app that would automatically calculate my budget and this is it. Finally,  I found Miza Budget App to my surprise  I love how it automatically calculates your monthly budget and shows you where you’re spending too much money. The design is great and so is the interface. I also love that it’s very easy to use, even for someone like me who has no experience with budgeting apps.

Why Miza – Budget App?

Miza is for people who’d like to have their budgets & financial overview automatically calculated. Say no to hard guessing your budget amounts!

We give you automated budgets based on the popular budget splitting strategy (a.k.a net income split in Needs/Wants/Savings categories, a.k.a. the 50/30/20, 60/20/20, 70/15/20 rules).

Also, with the Bank Linking feature, you get:

Imported bank transactions + Automated budgets = THE absolute automated budgeting app

Just sit back and enjoy your finances being built over time.

Here are our main features:

Smart Transactional Calendar

With our calendar, you can easily see your upcoming recurring transactions and foresee your accounts’ balance. This lets you see how much you’ll have on any future date!

Automated budgeting

No more manually entered amounts for budget categories. No more guessing how much you should be spending on whatever. We use the well-known budget-splitting strategy to calculate budgets based on your net revenue.

Financial Goals

Dynamic financial goals based on your revenue, and your expenses! We guide you to complete these milestones to achieve strong financial health. All this is automatically calculated and managed!

See at a glance where you’re overspending and take real actions instead of defining never-ending budget amounts.

Full set of features

• Hosted on our secure server to allow multi-device uses.

• Unlimited accounts of different types (checking, savings, credits, etc.).

• Unlimited transactions (expenses, incomes & transfers).

• Calendar View with savings forecast & List View with spending indicators.

• Flexible editing to recurring transactions.

• Over 40 default categories to choose from.

• Net worth & cash flow indicators

• Automatic budget management using the popular budget-splitting strategy

• Expenses, incomes & net worth reports.

All those features are offered for free!

If you want more, you’ll also get all the following nice-to-have features included in the Premium Edition:

• Custom categories (create, delete and edit them)

• Custom budget ratios

• Passcode protection

• Ads removal

• Data export to CSV

• Take part in Miza’s evolution (more coffee please!)

For the ultimate experience, jump in the Elite plan to add:

• Synced bank transactions

• Financial planning suggestions for forecasting

• Smart mapping of categories where Miza remembers your choices

Take Away

Miza is a great budget app for people who are trying to keep track of what they spend. I like that it automatically calculates my budgets for me and helps me stay on top of my finances. It’s also nice that there are so many different features that are offered with the free version!