Missing an opportunity to hang with friends can be frustrating, especially if you find out that they were in the same place at the same time as you! Perhaps a seldom seen friend from University is passing through the city or you’re on a business trip in a city where some old friends live.

Wouldn’t it be great to be told when somebody you know is nearby? Now you can, with Yoke!

Yoke notifies you whenever somebody you know is nearby. Want to hang out? You can connect instantly using the integrated messenger. Don’t fancy bumping into somebody? Yoke is awesome at avoiding people, too. What’s more you can customize your settings so people can’t see whether you’re nearby and the app never actually shows your specific location, keeping your privacy in check.

Adding people is as easy as important contacts from your phone or from Facebook. You can group people together in social circles like University friends, work colleagues and family – it’s up to you.

Yoke is a simple, easy way to know when people are nearby, connect with them or simply avoid them. It’s a widely useful app that you should try out today – download it on the App Store