Today’s world is advancing at rapid speed- so many jobs that are now dominating the work force were, ten years ago, not even on the brink of the business world’s imagination. One of these new jobs that is taking the world of employment by storm is the job of Coding. In a world dominated by technology, Coders are extremely integral employees. Coding is the process that makes it possible for us to create and operate everything from computers to cell phones to websites, and so much more. Google alone employees over twelve million Coders worldwide- that means that over five percent of the population works as Coders for this company alone! Needless to say, having the ability to code is a huge strength in today’s super technologically based business world.


Junior Coder is an awesome educational app that allows kids to begin to familiarize themselves with basic computer science. Through five colorful levels of super fun games and puzzles, children are introduced to different computer programming concepts that are the foundation of coding. Unlike other educational apps, Junior Coder’s main priority is to allow kids to have fun. A great example of the app’s entertaining nature is the looping race track puzzle level. This level allows children to drive a race car through a track to the finish line by connecting buttons through simple programming. What kid doesn’t love zooming a race car down a curving track?! But that is the main theme of Junior Coder- the puzzles are so fun and intriguing, you don’t even realize you are doing something that is extremely useful and educational.


The Award Chart component of the Junior Coder app is a really great way to get kids addicted to learning. The chart keeps track of how well you do on each level. In order to advance to the next level, you must first achieve success on your current level. Your successes are tabulated by medals and stars, and your Achievements accumulate as little golden shields. For example, champion the Jungle level, and you will win yourself an Algo Expert golden shield. I got a huge kick out of watching myself accumulate more and more stars, and I have to say that I went back and played levels over and over again, just to win myself the shields! The stars and shields and medals encourage children to work hard at each level in order to be the best- Junior Coder helps children become ace programmers before they reach ten years of age, all while having a really great time playing games and solving puzzles.


After successfully championing all the levels, kids are able to actually create their own puzzles, and challenge their friends. The social, interactive nature of this app makes it strangely addictive. You’ll have a hard time putting it down- but when you’re learning something as valuable as coding, that’s not so bad, after all.

With such a myriad of brain numbing shooter apps and bland educational apps being pushed at us today, it’s really special to stumble upon something like Junior Coder. While having a really great time speeding down race tracks, carving paths through the jungle, and channeling their inner artists, children are learning algorithmic thinking, debugging and program solving, pattern recognition, and so many more integral concepts of coding. In today’s coding-dominated world, it’s never too early to start developing a solid understanding of computer programming. And truly, there is no better way to do that than by having fun with the Junior Coder app!

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