My Wow Memories is part photo and video organizer, part highlight reel maker. With so many of us snapping away every day on our phones, it’s so difficult to keep them organized. My Wow Memories lets you create ‘events’ and post your photos and videos in there. Gone are the days of having to sift through 10,000 pictures to find the one you want.

The app is super simple to use! Start by creating an event – it can be for a birthday, holiday, festival, you name it! – and add your friends or family who will be there with you. Once the event is set up, everybody can post their pics and videos in there for the rest of the squad to see! No more begging friends to send you that picture they took (I’m still waiting for some from my friends).

Once all the pictures and videos are in there, you can pick your favorites and use the app’s in-built highlight reel maker to create amazing slideshows and videos of your footage. Add music over the top and share to social media in seconds or keep them for personal memories.

I’ve enjoyed this app because it lets you share pictures privately, with everybody else who was there. Our social media accounts are full of people we don’t know, and it’s nice to have a more private place to share memories with friends. Even if you’re not interested in sharing and want to just use this app for yourself, it’s a powerful photo organizer, allowing you to easily access pictures and videos from a specific occasion.

Download the app today on iOS!