Some people start their day by having tea, some by saying good morning to their loved ones, but I do start my day by listening to my favorite music. Do you also love music? May be, you do! For me, music is my life! It’s my companion when I’m sad, when I’m happy and when I’m alone. Music just vanishes all the bad parts of your life and cheers you when there is a happy moment in your life. It’s like everything for me. Thanks to the birds who created melodies and thereby music is originated. There are millions of songs, melodies, tunes, rhymes and much more in this world of music. Everyone has a different taste of music such as jazz, rock, sad, romantic, etc. What if your Media Library becomes much more interactive with mashups and remixes?  I think you’ll not control yourself from being enjoyed. So, here we have an amazing app which will rock you! It’s called ‘Infinite Music’.

Infinite Music has been developed by L&J and is updated on April 2, 2017. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and it requires iOS 9.3 or any later versions of the Operating System.

Infinite music rediscovers your iTunes Library with smart remixing and mashups and your playlists become interactive. It allows you to keep all your music files in one place. This app uses new audio analysis technology which is compatible with your iTunes Library. It provides the best experience with Pop, Dance, Electro, Techno, RnB and many more forms of music. If you want to compose a mashup then a procedure needs to be followed:

  • Select a Playlist, a genre or an album you want to create a mashup for.
  • Select the song you want to play first.
  • Select listen delay before skipping to the next song.
  • Activate song transition option allowing Infinite Music to find and save the best jumps between songs.

Infinite music detects your every pace whether you’re walking, running, resting, cycling and driving and change the playlists automatically with your activity. Sounds great? Yes, it really matches your music to your running or walking rhythm. Infinite music plays all music without DRM protection stored in your library, so share your best grubs. It can synchronize lighting of your Philips HUE lamps to the rhythm of your music as well. What else you want? I think it’s enough for you!

This updated version has made some improvements such as while opening the app, it starts playing a mashup of selected songs from your iTunes library, audio sequences linking and tempo processing are improved and there is a tutorial at the help button which shows the description of the app.

The app is available for free in the iTunes Stores.

Take your music and grub it now!

Pros: linked with your iTunes Library; create mashups & remixes easily; interactive app; great graphics; free.
Cons: Infinite music is not yet compatible with streaming platforms because they do not allow access to audio of the songs.

Worth Having App – Download the App