You can come across several expedient iphone applications but this application permits you to easily select and preview colors for use in a web page. With this program it is beneficial and useful for web developers who require to experiment with colors for their web sites.

You can also select Text or Background. They also have several savors that were created in this potent iphone application like you can use the sliders to change the color values for Red, Green, and Blue, also utilize the “Sample Text” area to view how your colors work together and professionally utilize the “Random” button to get a random set of foreground/background colors.

With this discreet iphone application the HTML color codes format are exposed or displayed for the Text and Background colors you select. They also have plans in future versions to¬† include potent ability to save color sets for later use, capacity to email color sets to other users and professionally to select between RGB sliders or RBB “pickers”

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