There are millions of people who move from one place to another for various reasons such as work, family, school and many more. All of us would have had some kind of experience with packing our stuff in boxes. It will be even more fun when we learn to do these things in the form of games that could be interesting rather than the real life scenarios. Barney the Box is a game app which is based on the concept of arranging and stacking up things in an order, because the ‘Barney’ and its developers believe that ‘establishing an order’ is the most important thing in life. This app is available in the App store for the iPhone and iPad users. Barney the Box has been developed and launched by Next Web Generation Company.


Barney is a packing box which has gone through lots of different things in its life. It has visited lots of continents and has experienced many tough situations. Barney possesses extraordinary knowledge in the ‘art of stacking’. Barney believes that establishing an order is an important thing that helps in life. During one of its trips Barney had an unforgettable experience which had a profound impact on its otherwise perfect life.

Barney in its effort to stop the quarrelling between two boxes thought that avoiding contact between the boxes would be the best way to stop quarreling, for which when it tried to separate these boxes it resulted in an accident. From then on Barney ignored any fights and always tried to be low in the order to occupy the top position in the stack. Barney is also under a condition that no stone or box is under its eyes. It also figured out that it would easier for Barney if others help him to organize things due to the constraint he is facing.

The players have to help Barney in stacking up the stones and the boxes; this task requires lots of patience and also helps to develop the motor skills of the players. The boxes have to be stacked up in such a way that all of them should be above Barney’s eyes. There will be levels in which the players have to organize the boxes by drag and drop method. The players should also shoot some boxes and stones until they are fully cleared. The game has totally 60 different levels with different kinds of challenges and increasing difficulty. The animation and the graphics used in the game are very well designed and it is a promising entertainer.


Barney the Box is an app that teaches patience and also helps in increasing the skills of its players. The app is available for download from the App Store for just $ 0.99, so download this app and have fun with packing and stacking.

Good – Fun game which projects packing and stacking as an interesting task.

Bad – You need to practice a lot to excel in this game.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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