The Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale app is a storybook for your children, only with a lot of interactions that will bring the story alive and make your children a part of it. It has really cool 3D popup effects, with the kids having to read and to help tired Cinderella with all her chores and her actions with the proceeding story. The visual effects have been done impressively and the interactive elements engage children excellently.

With this story book, your children can interact with the characters and be a part of the story, helping them relive it in their own way. Your children can choose to either be read out the story by the narrator in the app or to read it for themselves. There is also a sound toggle at the screen’s top, which has music that your child is sure to love. There are right and left arrows, using which your child can navigate from one page to another of the total forty two pages of this app.

Besides the progress of the story, there is an interactive popup after a few pages every time. There are colorful animated images which bring forth an almost real life rendition of the story, with the child having to perform particular tasks in each of these sections. Some of the tasks include collecting wood for the fire, helping Cinderella complete her chores and many more fun and simple tasks that your child would love to do. The tasks keep changing as the tale moves on to get the child completely into the story, making him feel like a part of it.

There are slick graphics, interactive elements and options that most children would simply love. The popup pages are definitely to be liked by your kid. It is much more fun than other interactive books in its league, although some are of the opinion that it does not stand to the level that it speaks of being at. Most kids do not prefer or like to play this app a second time.

The app claims to be for ages 3 to 9 but is more suited for the age groups of around 3 to 5. The app is cute, very interactive and a lot of fun but may fail to engage children above and around 7 years of age. The app encourages your child to read and with the participatory tasks, it can be quite an educative experience. Not only does it entertain but also educates, engaging children for quite some time.

This Android app has been designed to be used by children, hence it has a highly simplified design. The interface has been kept simple and yet ingenious. The graphics are just excellent and the popup page shave very good animations that your children will find to be fun, learn from and come back for time and again. This app is better enjoyed by younger children as it caters better to their needs and level of difficulty with its cute animations and graphics.

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