Instagram is one of the internet era’s true success stories, and despite only having been launched in 2010 has grown to well over 300 million active users. On the simple premise of discovering people like sharing photos and videos of their whereabouts with the world, a social media giant was born. But Instagram has also been responsible for its fair share of support Apps, adding new features to enhance the user’s Instagram experience. Hashmap is one of the latest such Apps, and addresses one of the Instagram user’s biggest current frustrations.


Imagine you’ve taken a picture in the middle of a National Park, and you’re eager to share your experience with your Instagram following. This isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds, because there isn’t always the accuracy you want or need from Instagram’s provided locations. Where in Yellowstone or the Lake District are you, exactly? Hashmap provides an easy-to-use solution to location headaches, by tagging photos with your exact global location.


In terms of the features of Hashmap, there’s nothing too complicated going on here. Whichever section of the App you’re looking at, you’re never confronted with more than two or three options. That’s fair enough – there’s something refreshing about a support App which doesn’t attempt to do too much. Hashmap knows its purpose and it does it without a fuss. And as you’d expect from an App which orbits Instagram, Hashmap has a strikingly picturesque quality to the App which manages to strike the perfect balance between pretty and pointless.


The process of sharing images through Hashmap is visually intuitive, and you won’t need to fumble around blindly to discover how things work. You’ve got the option to tag an exact location onto images whether you’re using images from your Image Library or using the App to take a new photo. Add a relatively straightforward Options section with a few preferences to toggle at your whim, and that about does it for functionality.

The location data sourced from your GPS is very accurate – almost unerringly so. There is an unavoidable safety concern here, in that you’re literally publicising your pin-pointed location. Just be wary of the implications, and whether the percentage point of extra Instagram prowess is worth the potential dangers.

Another potential drawback of Hashmap is that the App is ironically vulnerable to the situations where it’d be most useful. That is, if you’re in the middle of nowhere and want to advertise the fact, there may not be the network connectivity you need to get Hashmap to do its job.

That said, Hashmap is an uncomplicated Instagram support tool which does exactly what it says it will do, and does it without drama. If you have ever bemoaned Instagram for its half-baked location services, and wanted to drill down deeper to add a more exact location for your shared content, this neat and tidy free App will cure your issues in one swipe. Try this application today and you will realize how user-friendly the application is and how fun it is to use it. This application and is tried and tested by many users.

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