Golf is one of the most interesting sports; there are millions of people who have a serious passion for golf all over the world. It is also known as one of the most expensive sports, this game is all about the precision with which players hit the ball into holes in the ground. When you are a serious golf player you will surely like to know about the progress you make in the play on a daily basis. Golfsites Recap app for iPads is a perfect partner for the players to keep track of their golf statistics; users can also share their statistics with other friends and with the players who have an account in Golfsites.

GolfSites Recap for iPads acts as a perfect golf computer, the app has a variety of features and provides the player with very accurate statistics about their play. The app is very well integrated with many popular golf sites through which the app has earned a lot of reputation. The players can get immense amount of information from this app such as their game stats, average hitting distance, swing accuracy readouts and also comparisons between the average strokes to the par difficulty.


  • The graphics of this app has been designed in a very attractive manner.
  • It helps the players to keep good track of their performance which will help them stay inspired to achieve perfection.
  • The app runs on high definition in your iPads and also in the full screen mode.
  • The app perfectly is ideal for all levels of players, from beginners to professionals.
  • The score card section in this app provides players with the concise information about their performance and statistics. It includes information like the GIR, FIR, Putt performance, Average strokes by par, Accuracy on the Fairway and many more.
  • Turn on this app as soon as you complete the last hole and get all the information in just a matter of seconds about your play.
  • There is special feature in the app which gives the information about their best hole of the day; this will make users feel like a professional golf player.

  • The users can also refer the path travelled by the ball in the map.
  • The scorecard information can also be viewed on the HDTV with the Airplay feature in Apple TV’s.
  • The app also has the multi user sign in feature.
  • The app has extraordinary motion detector feature with great animation.
  • The app is very user friendly and easy to operate.
  • The app also has a demo feature which allows the users with no accounts in the Golfsites to try it.


GolfSites Recap app is very useful for all the golf players and it is a must have app in your mobile if you are a golf enthusiast. This app is available in the App Store and can be downloaded for free. Download this app and improve your performance in the game.

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