While kids learn very quickly, the hard part about teaching them is keeping them engaged. They are very easily distracted by the smallest things and lose interest easily. Unless you engage them in games and attract them with a lot of animations and colours, it is very hard to keep their attention for long. Keeping this in mind, Tycero AB has developed the iOS app Fun for Kids Educational Games- Learning Puzzles for Toddlers &Preschoolers. It is a charming app that will teach your kids using a combination of an up-beat soundtrack, engaging pictures and small games.


There are 4 different types of puzzles and a total of 40 challenges that your child can explore. Each challenge teaches your child a new skill or introduces him to a new concept. The design of the puzzle games is interesting indeed. Every time the child places a piece in the right position, a fitting sound is heard. This sound includes commonly heard sounds such as roar of a lion or a sports car or a cow mooing. This not only encourages your child but also gets him familiar with the sounds of daily life.


Fun for Kids Educational Games- Learning Puzzles for Toddlers &Preschoolersis an iOS app that is available for both the iPad and iPhone. It has been designed for toddlers and kids to help them learn in their growing tender years. To keep them from getting distracted, there are no third party ads or in app purchases. This, combined with a variety of fun games makes the app perfect for your child. The app mainly helps develop the motor skills and problem solving skills of your child, without putting him under undue stress or pressure.

The user interface has been brought to life with bright attractive colours and a variety of designs. There are bright patterns and designs and extremely cute graphics. Also, the gameplay has been kept very simple and basic, keeping the child in mind as the user. In the jigsaws, the entire image is not missing as in other games. This has been found to confuse the child oftentimes. To make things simpler and get your child started, images have only a few pieces missing and the rest is present. Your child has to fit in only a few simple pieces to complete the puzzle.


Besides just the game, the images used in the puzzles are made such that kids can relate to them easily. Simple basic everyday objects and animals have been used so that your child can begin recognizing them around him. The sounds and other effects bring out this aspect more effectively.

If you wish to keep your child engaged for some time but can’t seem to interest him in any game, then Fun for Kids Educational Games- Learning Puzzles for Toddlers &Preschoolers will be a perfect game. Not only will your child have immense fun playing it, you can be rest assured that he is going to learn something from it too.

Good: Wide variety of puzzles, no ads

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App