If you have own organization, or work for a small firm, you know that project management is a task that often falls in your cadre. Any project management task is much simpler to accomplish when you have the quality tools. The following project management tools will be best for you.


It is a primary visual, online project tool that qualitatively simplifies projects by turning them into simple navigates workflows. The interface is perfectly intuitive, making it simple to jump in and get started on your first project. Developing new tasks, categorizing tasks together, and adding new branches onto your project can be done in just few clicks.


By this tool one can easily use existing templates to add new workflows quickly, develop lists of tasks for yourself or other team members, develop projects where tasks can be posted to shared boards, break larger tasks down into subtasks, and even convert a task into a project if it becomes too big. Even team members can comment on tasks. Moreover the managers can check the status of any project quickly without looking into their inboxes or contacting team members for updates.


Trello is a tool that is professionally designed for those people who are highly visual and intuitive, making it best ideal for the non-project manager. Within each card are lists of tasks. It is enumerated that cards can be moved around in any order to adjust priorities. So when a card is opened, you can develop lists within it, possible to upload files and the best feature is the ability to develop and update cards via email.


If people are used to managing projects through emails and meetings then take a look at Basecamp. It’s amazing PM tool for starters.

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