Digital era has brought many different conveniences for the people. Restaurant and food joints have recently seen a large growth in number of customers. This has made dinning out a tedious task, some restaurant may have their own app that can help you with the process but mostly these apps are clumsy and sometimes don’t work at all. A single app that covers all the restaurants and simplifies the whole process is everyone’s wish. Well a new app called Eleat has emerged in Iphone and Ipad. The app focuses on bridging the gap between old style dining experience with today’s digital era.


Design and interface

The app design is simple and user interface is easy to use. The app provides various options such as dine in, delivery & carryout, mobile payments and many more. Many restaurants are already part of this app such as Policy, Lost Society, Bin 1301, Chaplains, Piccolo, Piassa, Sax and many more. The concept behind the app is to link restaurants on a single digital platform where user can select the restaurant and then choose to dine in or delivery option, and all the order and payment can be done through the app.


Real time Menus

One of the cool features of Eleat is real time menus available for multiple restaurants. Multiple restaurants are available on the app and customer can easily check all the food items and ingredients, the user can place his orders without waiting for the server. You simply walk in the restaurant, you order and pay, everything from your phone.

Use as per convenience

App offers the flexibility to use the app, user can use some features of the app and may use conventional methods for others. For example if you enter a restaurant and you want to order using the app but don’t want to pay the bill through the app, this can be easily done while using Eleat. The freedom and flexibility of this app makes it different from the other apps available on the market.


Healthy lifestyles

There are many people who suffer allergy from some food items such as gluten, peanuts and many more. This creates a problem for the people as they have to frequently inquire the server about the ingredients of the food which can be very frustrating but this app allows you to simply select the parameters such dairy free, gluten free and the entire menu gets simplified. This is a very useful feature if you suffer from any kind of food allergy.


This app has a nice concept and promises a much simpler dining and delivery experience. However, the app has to increase its restaurants association as user would not like to be limited in his options. The app has a lot of essential features such as easy payment, instant order, even selecting user’s favourite table in the restaurant but few more features can be also offered with this app and also app does charge you for using these features, user has to pay $0.99 for carryout orders and $1.99 for delivery orders.

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