Need your fill of zombies while “Walking Dead” is off the air? Don’t worry – the Final Fortress – Idle Survival game is here to help! You can put yourself right into the apocalyptic world full of walkers every time you play. Each level lets you build the best fortress and team of survivors to help you do battle against the zombies and assist in defending humanity. So you’ll get to use all of your gaming skills to advance in the game and earn high scores too!

To get started, download the app at either the App Store or Google Play. You can immediately start to play the game after you enter your name (which is needed so you can see your high scores on the leaderboard!). Click on the graphics to earn the necessary resources to survive the zombie-infested world – gas, diamonds, and more survivors to help you fight back against the walkers. You can advance to each new level as you build your fortress floor by floor. You’ll also get the opportunity to weaponize your tower and discover blueprints that allow you to unlock special rooms and bonuses.

The more you rack up the points, the faster you’ll advance to higher levels. Once you’ve aced the lower levels, you’ll be able to venture out into the wilderness to get to more survivors that can be really helpful to your team (like a carpenter or doctor). More survivors on your team means you’ll also have more gas (the main currency in a zombie-filled world). The best parts are the fun boosts like Radioactive YOLO and Coffee Time where you can earn bonuses and income and productivity boosts. But keep an eye out for zombies even as you advance – those bad boys can fly in Final Fortress – Idle Survival! Plus, don’t forget to ask your friends to join the game online. More friends means you’ll be able to build a stronger and longer lasting fortress.

If you’re a fan of clicker games, you’ll love the easy steps it takes to build a fortress and knock those zombies out. However, gamers more interested in complex strategy and complicated play might get a little tired of the constant clicking. Some might also get turned off by the in-app purchases that are necessary to access all of the game’s features – however, this is just the price you pay for free gaming these days.

“Walking Dead” fans can get their fill of zombie killin’ by downloading the Final Fortress – Idle Survival app today!