Doing the hard work at your job, and taking out some of your hard-earned money to invest is the best way to make the most of what we earn today. However, if you’re investing in the stock market is just like “icing on the cake”. Moreover, it’s not an easy step to take and involves a few risks also. But, now when the Smartphones have stuck in everyone’s life and the apps that come with them are really making work easier than it was before. For example you can invest money using your mobile phones even if you’re a new or an amateur investor because all the options are easily available for investment on your Smartphones. Today, I’ll introduce to you one such investing app, called is an app designed to give users, a platform for trading financial instruments on their Smartphones. It’s basically a trading app for the present generation which opens up your doors to the world of trading and what’s special about it is that it’s based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). The app enables trading of stocks, indices, and commodities using its advanced technology.

The app has been developed by Capital com SV Investments Ltd., which is headquartered in Cyprus. offers to trade only via its app and is compatible with 2 trading platforms i.e. Android and iOS. They are available at the Android trading app and iOS trading app only. Its main aim is to attract those clients who are new to the financial markets and want to trade financial products at their fingertips. is the online trading app made for smart people! The most comprehensive trading-related content is delivered through a personalized “Smart Feed” function where you can get updates about News, Analysis and other things that matter in real-time. So, you can invest your money with confidence and keep yourself up to date to make better investment decisions in your life through the trading experience.

There are some training tutorials in the app which help to further enhance your investment skills. You can take a second thought for creating more efficient trading strategies by watching these videos. You can trade UK100, Google, Apple, Gold and even more at this app. The payments can be done online via your Bank account or Credit/debit card. The app protects your personal data as well as your money. Moreover, you can receive free real-time market data with this app.

This app provides its services and the information found on its website in more than 20 European countries.

Overall, is a good gateway for the beginners in the world of financial markets and it’ll help them a lot.

You can get it from the App Store and start trading now!

Pros: best trading app; useful for the new investors; save money; faster; display relevant news; helps in taking investment decisions; based on AI; 24-hour withdrawals; safe and secure; pleasant graphics; the intuitive UI; free. 

Cons: only mobile app available; the app is not available in India.

I will give this app 4.6 out of 5 stars.