Matters of the heart can oftentimes turn out to be more sensitive than you can think. All of us have some heart-breaks or other issues at some point of our life. At such times, it is good to have someone who will hear you out and be your guide when all else abandon you. It is good to type out the troubles of your heart and get suggestions of how to respond. This is where the iOS app AskYourHeart helps.


While growth of the mind and body are essential, growth of the soul, which is centred at your heart, is equally so. Scalar Heart Connection feature of this app helps you transform yourself from within, keeping this in mind. The human heart is wonderful in how brilliant a guide it can be during times of distress. With the cooperation of your heart, it is very much possible to have a content, complete and happy life.

Through a stepwise guide, you can understand the issues your heart is facing and work towards eliminating it. There is a pattern for the journey of the Hero to guide you along your path. Although archetypal, this journey is among the best ones your heart will ever undertake. At the end of this journey, you will reach your destination- the emotion that caused the problem to begin with. The negative condition of your heart can be used to determine negative response of your brain, based on childhood and your past.

Merely finding the negative emotion is not sufficient. Isolating it and eliminating it is the next progressive step. The program helps you achieve this too. It will use Positive Heart Responses and Unmet needs of the heart to find a solution to your issue. After all, merely finding the issue serves no good purpose.


While the session gives you Positive Heart responses, it is not enough at times. You need to match the frequency of your heart with the frequency of the healing and absorb all that it has to say. There are simple Quantum Healing Codes for the above. These audible frequencies connect us to our hearts by aligning us towards the direction of healing.

The underlying science behind the Quantum healing codes is quite intriguing indeed. As per the ;legend, there are certain geometric patterns that create all forms of matter existing today. Once this pattern is obtained, it is not hard to derive all other matter forms from it. These healing codes support coherence with what we wish to make of our lives.

The code a person chooses is indicative of what is going on in the mind and brain of that person, centred at their heart. The frequency every person hears is characteristic of the geometric pattern of their heart. It gauges the compassion levels and much more.

The human body is wonderful in terms of how well it can understand itself and work towards the better of the person. All it needs is some guidance and help in order to restore peace to itself. This is where the Quantum Healing Codes and the iOS app AskYourHeart can be a useful.

Good: Use of Quantum Healing Codes

Bad: None

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