Over the last few years, the method of learning and the way the kids grasp things have changed. Technology powered by mobile devices has come up with many apps out there that help kids learn. It can be anything like games, puzzles, or other fun activities that help kids to improve their knowledge of the basics that they have learned so far. As kids are more prone to use these smart devices, and education app is one awesome choice for the elders to make kids learn and improve their skills.

Given by the seller, Mikhailo Shubin, AR_Book falls under the ‘Education’ category. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phone users. It helps children learn the topics that they find more difficult. Though there are teachers in school to help out these kids, it is not always that easy to grasp the tough topics. It is a combination of augmented reality along with the latest technology to provide the most interactive learning experience. 

AR_Book contains a lot of experiments in Physics and the creators of the app also have plans for chemistry, geometry, geography, and astronomy shortly. Though AR is rarely used in the education field, the incorporation of new technologies into the learning process will make things, even more, easier for the students. It aids in increasing the knowledge of the users with express testing in displaying the experiment. It assists children with special needs who won’t be able to visit the institutions like any other normal person. I feel more grateful for this app as it has helped my best friend’s kid who needs special attention.

AR_Book would be a great adoption for all the institutions that focus on mainstream education. The app is a direct link to the subject than a single textbook. AR_Book has a plethora of topics on Physics like mechanics, thermodynamics, relativity, and many more. All of these would be highly useful for the students to learn from. It assists students to perform the experiments visually from wherever they are and whenever they prefer. The playful method adopted by the developers has made the students learn the subjects with much involvement. 

Users will have to register with their name, email id, and DOB and start using it. AR_Book is so easy to use and kids will not have any hassles operating with it. The app is aesthetic and will keep the kids on hold to learning with the awesome content and perfect design. When you have any queries, you can always feel free to write to the team of Flex Realty at rk@flexreality.pro. AR_Book requires iOS 11.0 or later versions, requires Android 8.0 and up, and is compatible with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac computer with an Apple M1 chip and above.

Download AR_Book today and let your kids grasp the knowledge of subjects with much ease.