Mobile applications are available in all different shapes and sizes, and target a huge number of different markets with crossovers and features that blend them altogether too – with recent privacy feature changes often changing the way that apps function entirely and a focus on the way we use our apps becoming more important too, alongside other changes that make certain apps more useful in the day to day as they’ve become used for things like a car key to open our electronic vehicles – but which types of app are the most popular and the most used?

Lifestyle apps are topping the list – This section covers a huge amount of different topics, things like music could fit into lifestyle and entertainment, whereas other apps like dating and fitness apps fit the lifestyle section much better. Where cookbooks and physical locations may have been preferred at one point in time, mobile has given access to these same features much easier  than ever before and have changed the way many of us live our lives. These apps once installed and used are likely there for good too, if you’re a regular user of Spotify the likelihood is you’ll be unable to live without it, and it has certainly changed the way lifestyle apps impact our day to day.

Gaming and entertainment are clear favourites too – With mobile gaming options like those found at being amongst the biggest available, many have helped change gaming attitudes as a whole as newer figures suggest that the primary audience is much different then many expect or that it had once been, and with gaming as a huge draw for many mobile fans it is a home for many. Similarly with other types of entertainment, platforms like Netflix and Disney+ have changed the way many viewers experience new releases for TV and movie and will be something that changes media for good and having apps that deliver this is even promising to change things like the box office as cinema releases have already been noted for mobile release primarily.

Productivity apps are changing our work life – With the major recent shift towards remote working and the expectation for many that you don’t always need to be in the office to complete some tasks, it’s no surprise that productivity apps come in at the top of the list too – these will certainly play an increased roll over this next year as the shift to remote work continues to grow, but also as hopes that more flexible working conditions will allow people to stay out of the office permanently, with productivity apps becoming the primary way some work is handled whether whilst at home or whilst on the road.