For children, school buses are the most favoured and often used mode of transportation.

Schools could not be left behind in this digital age, where nearly everything is online.

The important feature of the ERP system is school bus transportation management. It is a useful tool that assists the school’s administration, staff, students, and parents in keeping track of the children’s bus transportation.

Even if the parents have the ability to drive their children to and from school on their own, they prefer to use school buses. The reason for this is the children’s safety that a school bus provides.

Benefits of the Transport Management System

Schools and parents can supervise the school bus in real-time

This is likely the most obvious advantage of a GPS-enabled school transportation management system. If the school bus is equipped with a GPS tracking device, parents will receive warnings as soon as the bus leaves the school grounds. They can also trace the bus’s path via static or live tracking updates to be informed about any deviations or delays caused by traffic.

This function also allows parents to arrange their whereabouts so that they are on time to pick up their children from the drop-off location.


The transportation management solution brings parents one step closer to peace of mind by allowing them to ensure that their children are secure and safe in real-time.

Fee Collecting

The Fee Info, Registration Fee, and Fee Calculation verify that each student has paid their monthly fees and is travelling with all obstacles cleared. As a result, pending fee information can be conveyed to parents via SMS alerts.

Optimized Routing

If students arrive through certain routes, the school administration could assign specific routes to each mode of transportation so that kids do not have to drive all the way to the city and back to get to school. This saves the drivers’ time as well as the time of the students, resulting in the most efficient use of resources.

Utilization of a Mobile App

Parents will receive notifications directly within their mobile app as a result of the mobile app connection. The mobile app also allows users to track the school bus in real-time using Google Maps.

Parents should be aware of a transportation alert

Parents will be notified in advance if the bus schedule changes owing to failing equipment if the route is cancelled due to bad weather, if the transportation money is due, or if the child’s presence is required. This is done to ensure that the child’s educational life is not disrupted in any way.

It teaches children responsibility

In the school buses, the parents are not with their children. The absence of parents instils in children a greater feeling of responsibility since they must take care of everything themselves.

Parental Peace of Mind

Because buses are the safest mode of transportation for students, parents can relax without worrying about their children’s safety. Students are picked up by buses without having to wait. Every student is aware of when the bus will arrive at their stop. This means they won’t have to waste time waiting for buses to arrive on schedule.

Based on seat availability Seat Reservations

The seat allocation takes care of the total seats available in the selected vehicle because the vehicle seat details are also uploaded into the system. This feature prevents mistakes caused by incorrect seat assignments without taking into consideration available seats.

 Parents are capable of managing their time

When children take advantage of school transportation, their parents are relieved of the burden of juggling household duties, office work and driving their children to school. This time management aids parents in balancing their personal and professional lives. It also cuts down on their daily commute time.

Buses are the safest mode of transportation, offering numerous advantages such as environmental protection, time management, and location tracking via a school bus GPS tracking system.

So, for the sake of your children’s safety, hire a school bus and remain calm.

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