This past June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, the company unveiled some exciting changes, upgrades, and additions to its current collection of products and technology. The intention of this conference was geared toward developers, rather than consumers, to unveil its latest breakthroughs and new technologies. The attending developers were excited to hear about the new changes, such as the launch of Apple’s new music-streaming service. This new service offers music lovers a more interactive way to be a part of the music community via live radio and even more ways for fans to interact with their favorite artists. This service will be offered at $9.99 per month after a free three month trial period.

Additionally, Apple shared its latest developments concerning enhanced features on its existing products, including the latest OS X version, El Capitan, which will replace the existing Yosemite version. Apple states that this new version will increase speed and productivity for users. Spotlight search will feature an expanded database of search options, including more personalized, custom searches such as, “find all documents I created in April.” El Capitan will also boast higher quality graphics and performance for gamers thanks to the addition of the Metal development tool.

Siri was unveiled as getting a similar “face lift” in her newest upgrade. Similar to her Google Now counterpart, she will now be more proactive in her services, learning the user’s patterns and anticipating needs without having to be called upon and requested. For example, when headphones are plugged into the device, Siri will automatically start playing music. Also, similar to the new Spotlight interface, Siri’s searches will now also include more personalized and specific searches. She will now be able to “find pictures I took in Paris” upon request, for example.

As far as their promises for iOS 9, Apple ensures an even higher level of security as well as an improved battery life. They’ve also finally added updates to their Maps, which will now include overdue real-time information on public transportation routes and stops. Additional updates include iPads with the capabilities to now run two apps at once on the screen, an improved Notes app, and changes to the News app which will now include articles and stories from multiple publications.

A public beta testing of the iOS 9 updates will launch in July for consumers. As with all Apple updates, this test will inevitably have some bugs that will need to be worked out. With all of these new and exciting changes, Apple appears to still be maintaining their lead in the technology industry, keeping up with consumers’ demands for the continual improvement of existing products and the development of even better ones. The overall outcome of the latest WWDC is that developers are thrilled with the news Apple has provided as far as updates and new developments. Apple users will surely find a continual satisfaction in the coming months as these new features roll out and in the benefits and convenience all of these new technologies will add to their daily lives.