Getting the best Android applications is getting tougher by day as the market is getting crowded with different types of androids. Thus it is getting all the more important to get details on the different applications of this phone so that you are able to get the best of applications. There are loads of Android applications and so it may not be possible for you to decide on the best and the required applications for you without a proper review on the different applications.

Kinds of Android Applications:

Some of the best applications in regard to the Androids are:

1. Utility applications:

There are different utility applications available like the weather channel, gas buddy, Google voice, opera mini web browser and so on. With the mini web browser the pages appear in a fraction of second and compress the pages before sending those to your phone. With the gas buddy, you will easily be able to find the locations where you will be able to get cheaply priced gases.

2. Fun applications:

There are various fun applications too like Google sky map, Google earth, Flixster, and so on. Flixster helps you to find the movie listings in the nearby theaters, based mainly on your current location. Google earth helps you in your geographic needs for example in finding restaurants or may be a mechanic.

3. Music video and books:

If you are a book lover, you can try to get Kindle. This application helps you to find books and even buy books online. If you are a music lover, you can get Slacker Radio. It is a great application for the selection of streaming music.

4. Games applications:

There are various game applications too for your android. Different good game allocations are the robo defense that is available for free, bonsai blast, doodle jump, abduction, and many more. Find out and choose among the different games that are available as per your likings.

There are various other applications too. But you will have to first try and find out if all these applications are compatible with your phone.