A broken laptop screen can be really inconvenient. It slows you down in terms of access to vital data that you need for work, or your entertainment. It’s even worse if the laptop in question is your primary work tool. Luckily, a broken laptop screen can always be repaired, without breaking the bank. So how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen in 2019?

Well, this is a question that you have probably typed on search engines but you just can’t seem to find a straight answer, right? Well, that’s because there isn’t one. What you pay depends on the repair technician that you choose to work with, in repairing your laptop screen. If you don’t do your research well, you could end up overpaying for a laptop screen repair. The trick is to go to a repair company that offers you the best service for the amount of money you pay. As such, your focus shouldn’t be so much on how much you pay, but whether the technician has experience or not. You should also focus on whether they offer mobile services or not. Once you put these factors into consideration, you can then compare different repair shops based on their charges.

For someone looking for a laptop screen repair shop in Portland, the above parameters will lead you to Nerds on Call.  Just do a quick internet search for laptop repair in Portland, OR, and Nerds on Call will stand out not just for their cost, but their quality of service as well.  One of their key selling points is that they come to you. Just give them a call and they will come and repair your laptop screen at your home or office. They have a  good reputation, which means you can rely on them to repair your laptop screen. Their pricing is amazing too. They have a fixed price for all their repairs. For instance, if you want your laptop screen repaired, simply give them a call, tell them where you are, and they will give you a fixed price for it.

Their approach of charging a fixed cost for repairs is very advantageous to the customer. That’s because, once you pay, you are sure that there won’t be any extra charges. This is a big deal because most repair shops quote a low price just to entice you. However, once you give them your laptop, you get slapped with all types of charges that end up driving up the cost by hundreds of dollars. In essence, Nerds on call may quote a high price for you, but comparatively, it’s much cheaper.

Besides, the fact that they come to your place cuts on the overall cost of repair. That’s because they save you the cost of having to drive all the way to their offices. You also save money because they can free your time which allows for you to engage in other productive activities since they will do the repairs at your location of choice.