You know why humans invented computers or any such device? So that we can relax and these devices will do the job for us. But have we really succeeded in our mission? Not exactly I guess. When I go for a walk in the evening, I’m expecting some solace and fresh air so that I can lose behind all the anxiety of the day and come back home with a healthy mind and peaceful soul. But the atmosphere is flooded with noises. If you just stop right there in the middle and close your eyes for a moment, you can listen to the horns of the vehicles or the loud speakers from a neighbouring house. But what you miss is the chirping of the birds. There’s nothing to cheer you up. A joke can give you a big laugh. But all you’re looking for is a smile!


I am talking about the latest Android app called Smoofy that has been developed by Freeger Games. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.


There are so many games in the Play Store that you can’t count. But how many of them can you actually play when you’re tired and just want to relax your brain nerves? I don’t think there are many as they are complex and confuse you even more. So what you need is a simple arcade game and that’s what we have with Smoofy.

You can play it anytime and as long as you wish as it’s an endless game. It’s a story of a turtle named Smoofy and you have to help him in his journey. You don’t have to buy a separate remote control to ease up the controls as there is just one control here. You have to tap at the screen to let the turtle fly and remove your finger when you want him to get down. There are many hurdles in your way that you have to escape through like clouds, helicopters, UFOs, etc. But avoiding everything isn’t the right thing to do as there are many donuts as well mixed within these hurdles. So don’t forget to take them as they’ll help you to get your score up.


This game is based on old-style arcade games. The graphics are like sketches and roughly designed to give it a classic look. The developers have done a good job to keep it simple and not try anything much superficial. Playing this game is like watching an old movie and the experience has been amazing so far. The gameplay is very addictive, I must say. There are four different difficulty levels. So you can try them all.

The app is available for free in the Play Store. There are some in-app purchases as well for power ups such as extra life or shield. So make sure you get your hands on this app today!

Pros: intuitive UI; old-style arcade gaming; addictive gamplay; four difficulty levels; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application