Technological advancements are taking place every day, every second. And with mobiles, technology is flourishing out at a faster rate. Each second there is an increase in the number of mobile phone users, thereby leading to the invention of various new technologies in mobile devices. Smartphones and smartphone apps are all on the demand right now, without which there is no future for mobile phones. Mobile based services are widely preferred all over the world and mobile advertising is at the hot trend recent days.

Now, coming to mobile app development, the industry is experiencing a greater growth with the rising number of mobile phone users. Be it from books to business, apps are there for everything. Several thousands of mobile app developers are finding their career successful by consistently developing mobile apps for people’s requirements. In fact, finding a career in mobile app development has become highly competitive for the past few months. With the demand getting higher, the following are few app development industries that are experiencing a greater growth:

Mobile Gaming

Gaming apps are continuing to be on the top wheels right from the day apps were invented. The demand has never been dropped down and the recent report too says that, mobile gaming apps are on the number one demand, which is then followed by the social media apps.

Business based Apps

As per the present scenario, it is the business based apps to have experienced a sudden growth, which has not taken place before. The major reason for this occurrence is, the number of businessmen in today’s world are increasing day after day and it has become a need to develop apps to favor them. Mobile app development is getting quite vital with consumers demanding more utilities from them.
Mobile payment

Now is the time where people use mobiles to purchase things online on the go. But, what bothers with most mobiles is the browser compatibility and payment systems. Now-a-days banks are also offering mobile payment options. Hence, payment based apps are greatly developed in these days to offer a pleasing payment system to people. Near filed communication (NFC) is also included in high end phones to make people experience a better solution to payment.

Location based Apps

All latest mobile devices come with in built apps for location analysis and GPS support. It has been recently reported that the total user base of consumer location based services will approximately reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. Mobile marketers and B2B companies are finding these apps extremely beneficial to drive their brand image among the million users.

Mobile social networking

If there could be one thing over internet that has demand all throughout, then it must be the social networks. Whether it is from desktops or mobile phones, social networks are widely accessed all time. However, while the option is available on mobile phones, people greatly prefer on it rather on desktops.  Mobile apps that serve this purpose have experienced a greater demand for the past few months and have witnessed for being the second largest category of mobile apps used so far.

Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce apps has also taken places for being a successful app category the recent days. As mentioned earlier, this is the time for mobile shopping and apps that let you to make an entire purchase online via mobile phones are greatly recognized.

Messaging / Mobile Email

Mobile email apps and MIM apps are on the trends for past few months. Mobile e-mail users worldwide have increased from 354 million in 2009 to 713 million in 2014, to account for 10.6 percent of the global mobile user base.


While these are few major mobile app development categorized on the number of usage rate they have witnessed in the past few months and days. However, mobile video apps, object recognition apps and context aware services have also got better seats in the growth of mobile app development.

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