The Kik Messenger app is one of the best apps for communicating with your friends and family, but what does make this app so unique. Well, for starters, most of the communicating apps will require a phone number, but Kik allows you to sign up and connect with people only with your email address, which is a huge privacy advantage.

This is a free instant messaging app and social networking app that bypasses SMS and uses a Wi-Fi connection or data plan to communicate with other Kik users. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Kik uses traditional ways to transmit communications between users, but the privacy improvements made this application a big hit since the launch back in 2016. It had 300 million registered users right after its launch, and over 40% of all teenagers in the US used it as their primary app for conversation.

You can exchange messages, videos, photos, stickers, mobile webpages, emoji, and other types of content on this platform. Since you are required to type only your name and email, it will help you maintain a private presence on the platform.


Let’s go deeper into finding out more about its features. First of all, it is very user-friendly and provides a very familiar look and feel like an SMS text messenger, only with a few more appealing perks. Like most of the messenger apps, Kik will notify you when your message is sent and received.

Audio notifications can be personalized with a variety of different tones assigned to different people in your chat. There are also a few themes that are used for personalizing user experience even more.

Just like its competitors, it also has a live typing feature, in order to see when your contact is replying to your text. You can also see when the message has been read.

The best thing about Kik is its social media integration. You can quickly send invites and connect with friends and family via email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. If some of your contacts are already on Kik, it will send the message that you joined the platform.

Kik features a unique QR-like code that is used to find or invite new members to the service. You can easily add new contacts by scanning someone’s code.

However, there are even more features that make Kik one of the best conversation apps. You can initiate a group chat by tapping the magnifying glass and selecting Start a Group. This is common in most messenger apps, but to find an app which is private with all these features is excellent.

You can select a public or private group chat with a maximum of 49 members. If you create a private group, other people cannot find it in the search, and the only way to enter the group is by scanning the group code. On the other hand, public groups are searchable and identified by hashtags so you can join the conversation quickly.

There are many public groups to join, where people talk about different topics such as videogames, betting enthusiasts of football choosing who to gamble on the Super Bowl, TV Series fanatics, and etc. You can also disable direct chat message, in order to avoid group members sending you private messages.

For all those people who want an alternative to FaceTime or Skype, Kik also has a real-time video chat. You can communicate with friends through live video chat one-to-one or chat with up to six people in a private video chat. Kik also tacks all your conversations so you will be able to access previous chats that you’ve made.

Kik takes privacy and security very seriously. They have their own Trust and Safety team that is available on call 24/7. Kik also cannot view written messages between users, but it can view images or videos until they are received. However, since their focus is on providing a safe and private place for communicating with friends, you should feel comfortable chatting without any information leaks.

Kik is a great communicating application and offers the same features that all the big brand application provides. You should try it and see it for yourself.