Needless to say, a lot of thought has been put into what the quality features and common cloud migration challenges to deal with. In terms of challenges one can take down few best solutions. In case if you are struggling with some of the common cloud migration, you’re not alone. You can come across few of the most common challenges encountered during the migration process below with some proper solutions for benefit of users.

There is resistance to change

If you’re presently working in a position that does a lot of IT troubleshooting, people know that a lot of the time it’s users that cause the small problems, instead of the computers. Thereby with cloud migration, it’s also much the same. Moreover few individuals in your team could see the migration as unnecessary or disruptive.

About Hiring New Personnel

In case if you don’t have any cloud experts employed, but you’re passionate in cloud migration, then you’ll require hiring new personnel to assist with the process. In addition the challenge here is searching someone with in-depth knowledge of how to primarily implement a cloud migration who you can also train to have good knowledge of the digital assets you’re actually trying to migrate. Thereby for your cloud experts to be truly beneficial they must understand your firm’s systems and applications as well as they adeptly understand the cloud.

Towards Training Personnel

Though you’ll require a core team of experts working on the migration process, it’s crucial that all respective employees are appropriately trained and educated. This could be a specific challenge in two areas. First, you require educating executives in your organization. It’s vital that they wholly understand that cloud migration is beneficial initiative and is highly worth the cost in time and money.

About Lack of Planning

It is seen that you might be impatiently waiting to get the benefits of cloud computing, primarily the cloud migration is not something you could walk into blindly. It needs a lot of time, effort, and money, so one should make sure you have good precise financial plan and high understanding of how the migration will exactly affect your operations.

Towards Lack of Documentation

It is illustrated that lack of documentation is big hurdle when it comes to cloud migration. Moreover a lack of documentation in this instance primarily refers to a lack of details regarding how the app you’re trying to migrate adeptly works.


One should always have a concern if your organization has vital data stored. Also when you’re migrating to cloud computing, you require making sure that you qualitatively maintain the same level of security.

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