If you write for a company blog, you may have picked up some bad habits. While most businesses and firms require a blog, you may be doing things that are actually harming rather than helping your brand.

Perhaps you learned how to do things long ago, and your knowledge needs to keep up with current best practices. You may have fallen behind on updating the respective blog due to all your responsibilities.

Here are some blogging habits to avoid, ranging from infrequent posting to low-quality content. This guide will immensely teach you about some of the worst blogging habits so that you can make any kind of necessary changes to your blogging routine.

Content That Is Unoriginal or Poorly Written

Each blog post you write must be unique when it comes to content branding. The Google algorithm will penalize it if it’s too similar to other relevant blogs, even those on your site. Along with creating original content, you must also ensure that each blog post is well-written. Grammar and spelling mistakes look bad all around and won’t help your brand.

In addition to well-written, original content, you must also write blog posts relevant to your audience and brand. It’s best to write about topics your target audience is interested in and provide something of value in each post.

This will differ depending on your firm and overall tone, but you should still write content that audiences can learn from.

Best practices in content marketing have evolved. Websites used to try to include a bunch of relevant keyword phrases to fool the algorithm, but everything is much more sophisticated now.

Keyword Stuffing

Even though keywords are still helpful, using too many makes your blog easier to read and makes it appear less authoritative. Instead, determine the keyword density you are comfortable with and aim for that. If you’re new to keywords and SEO, you should start by writing high-quality blogs with helpful information.

Posting Very Randomly

Posting regularly is one of the most significant rules to follow for your business blog. There is some debate about how frequently you should post, and there is no hard and fast rule here. However, whatever schedule you choose, keep to it.

So, if you’ve decided to post a blog once a week, ensure you’re getting all the weeks at a time. Instead, you can schedule posts for times when you know you’ll be busy. Inconsistency frequently means that the algorithm will penalize your blog.

Using Incorrect or Varying Formatting

Just as you should be consistent in your posting schedule, you should also be consistent in your formatting, tone, and voice. Blogs with the same header styles, font, and image sizes will look better to readers.

Additionally, it is critical to maintaining brand consistency. This implies that you want your tone and voice to be consistent from piece to piece. While this may vary slightly if you have a guest blogger, you don’t want one post to sound very dry and business-like and another to sound very upbeat and casual. Instead, determine and stick to your audience’s appropriate tone and voice.

Final Take

If you want to improve your blogging for your brand, make sure you’re not doing any of these things. Making a few changes makes a significant difference. Hire a content marketing company that helps you to achieve your goals.