Whenever you watch a new mobile device of your friend’s or a random phone in the hands of a stranger standing next to you in the lift, either you’re attracted by the phone’s logo or its wallpaper. That’s because these are the only two things you can possibly take a look at standing at either sides. Obviously, nobody’s going to count how many levels of Temple Run you’ve cleared and then congratulate you. So while you can’t change your phone daily just to impress a stranger, you can certainly leave a long-lasting impression with better wallpaper. Wallpaper prints give a new face to your phone that even the mobile-manufacturing company sometimes have not imagined. It’s a picture that you’ll watch at least a hundred times every day and therefore must be a soothing one that can make you feel like relaxing on a comfortable chair even when you’re commuting in a metro without a seat!


So here we have the latest Android app called Weatherback Weather Wallpaper developed by aceou that’ll do the same for you. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0.3 or any later version of the OS.

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper integrates the weather outside with the wallpaper inside your phone and presents to you a blend of artistry and nature that leaves you spellbound. Each and every illustration reflects the weather of the street. So if it’s a sunny day, you’ll be greeted with a bright happy smile. On the contrary, water droplets glazing down the screen just when you’re up for the office will remind you of picking up a raincoat before stepping outside. So might never have even noticed any of those moods of the weather, but from now on you’d be appreciating them every single moment. Now you’d realise how beautiful those twinkling stars in the night are. Now you’d realise why sun-set is the most awesome experience of the day.


It’s obvious that when we’re talking about wallpaper application, the graphics are expected to be top-notch. But with this app, you get that high-end sharpness blended with grace, beautiful colour saturation and effects that are just awesome. The designs are fresh and credit must be given to the developers for renovating your screen in such a beautiful fashion.

Remember one thing that you not need always follow the weather-trend. Say you had planned a family picnic and rain just started and you don’t want this app to remind of the same again and again, then you can change the settings and set up any random wallpaper. The wallpapers will keep changing randomly then. This app very accurately catches the weather updates and therefore you’d always be looking at a mirror image of the sky. Also, the battery consumption is very low. So you don’t have to worry in that case.


So overall I’d say that Weatherback Weather Wallpaper is a beautiful and amazing app that you all must download the embrace every mood of the world you live in.

The app is available for free in the Play Store, though there’s a paid version available as well.

Pros: top-notch graphics with grace and elegance; reflects outside weather accurately; awesome effects; negligible battery consumption; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having app – Download the App