Summers have arrived and beach-side is the perfect location to spend your season. There is chilled sea water and hot sand to build your fort on. Just imagine yourself lying on the sand beach sipping a cocktail and watching the high tides coming and going deep into the sea. If I just portrait this scene onto a piece of paper, the caption will be “relaxed”. But if you’re a business minded person, you can even capitalize this situation for your own profit. Of course there are lot of bars around these locations and I think this is the best business I could have making drinks and watching people chilling out. If you think the same, just read on.


I am talking about the latest Android app called Shake Islands Adventure. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.1 or later version of the OS and can be found under the arcade & action category. The app is very much unique and interesting with you playing the role of a businessman. But the first steps are always difficult and a single wrong move might pack it up for you. So you have to be careful and enjoy what you’re doing.

At the starting of the game, you are the owner of a bar on an island. But to keep guests coming to your door, you have to make sure that you offer them something unique. You have your own gardens of peaches, oranges, pineapples, etc. So just plant your own fruits and prepare some fresh cocktails for your customers.


Your aim is to expand your business to new islands. But reaching new islands requires you to build ships that can be used for transportation purposes. So your sole purpose at the starting is to save enough money to buy all the materials and construct a ship. Then your exotic journey to new islands starts. You are exposed to out of the world beautiful islands where you would be setting up more bars and meeting new people.

The scenic beauty of the islands is amazing and there are beautiful people standing all day in your bar. Party music is being played and grooving your body with the tunes seems to be a good idea. There are many different challenges and hidden treasures that will keep your interest alive apart from the regular sales.


The app is available for free in the Play Store. This is not just a game but a practical example of how business strategies are being laid out on paper and executed as per the plan. Visiting islands is a dream for everyone and if you get a chance to set up your business at such a location and expanding it to all the exotic locations, why would you miss a chance like that?

Pros: nice concept; beautiful locations and people; fun to play and learn; free.

Cons: none.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *

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