Plagiarism Checker app for Android is a plagiarism detection application. It checks user essays, term papers, dissertations and answers for possible copying across different browsers. The app meat for Android powered mobile devices is able to determine plagiarism with the touch of a simple tab. It is very useful for not only students and teachers but also for writers, bloggers, and authors.


Plagiarism Checker detects the presence of copied content out on the web and provides the search results instantly. It is a helpful app that allows users to search for complete or partial copies of their original content. Besides academic purposes, this can be used by professionals to prevent and report copyright violations. Popular features of the app are listed below.



  • Plagiarism Checker app is compatible with Android based mobile phones and tablets.
  • The App, version 1.0 is sold by Plagiarism Checker and is free to download.
  • The app requires a minimum of Android 2.0 and 4.1 and up.
  • Plagiarism Checker is a duplicate content checking app and detects the presence copied and plagiarized content on the Internet.
  • There are options of checking for copied content from 5 different browsers – Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, Yahoo and Babylon.
  • The app is suitable for checking copied content by students, teachers and evaluators.
  • It is a handy app for professional content creators like authors, and web content writers like bloggers.
  • The app is able to detect reproduced content like answers, essays, poems, dissertations, thesis, term papers, fiction writing and many other types of content.


  • The app is quick to locate the source of plagiarism and return quick results on the app screen. They are detailed into copied character numbers, words and phrases.
  • The app is also able to determine the degree of originality in the result and gives the result in percentages.
  • Users can save the result pages in the phone memory as HTM documents.
  • Users need to type in the URL of the web page and paste the text to be checked.
  • The Plagiarism Checker app is able to scan more than 190 languages and find copied pages.
  • The app measures 488 KB and is easily installed.
  • It is an HTML 5 supported app and users need to have a file explorer on the phone or tablet to upload files or pages to be checked for plagiarism.


Summary: Plagiarism Checker app for Android is able to point out to users where and up to what extent their content had been plagiarized online. The App’s interface is neat and easy to follow and hence users of all ages are able to use it effectively. For protecting their original work and preventing misuse of original content, the Plagiarism Checker app is the perfect help.

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