Music is a like a library. As we have books in a library, we have instruments in music. While each book tells a different story, each instrument has a unique sound for the world. But no matter how complex a book is and whatever idea it may bring to life, it always consists of the same twenty-six letters that we all know. Similarly, you can create countless number of tunes and melodies. Some may be good, some may be classic. But at the end of the day, they all have the same notes. So just as you read and learn new books, you need to learn playing instruments and what’s better than the most basic and yet most amazing of them all: the Piano. Piano is the most basic instrument because every melody around you originates from there. So are you ready to go for the classes?


But wait, where are you going? You don’t have to put a step outside your home sweet home. Just download this Android app called Perfect Piano from the Play Store and start playing. The app has been developed by Revontulet Studio. The compatibility of the app varies with device. But before we proceed, let me tell you that this teacher already has more than 15million students!

Perfect Piano lets you play it in your own style and when you’re enjoying so much; you never know when you’ve actually learned the instrument. The best thing is that you can practice anywhere and you don’t have to carry your case everywhere. There are so many different learning modes such as Music Sheet Mode, Drop Rectangle Mode, etc that after spending few weeks with this app, you’ll be a pro. But this app is not specified for a particular group i.e. for beginners or professionals. Whatever stage you are at, you’ll always find the stairs of your size to reach the next big level.


For practice purpose, there are over 70 sample songs that you can download as well. There are several keyboard programs such as Grand Piano, Organ, Synth, Music Box, etc. There is single row, dual row and two player modes as well so that you can play with your friends and have fun. But there is much more hidden behind the curtains. This app allows you to play online with other players around the world. Whether it’s a friend of yours or you’re just looking for a stranger to have some fun with, let your fingers combine and do the magic.

If you have an external MIDI keyboard, you can connect it over USB. But music is always spontaneous and you never know when ‘the next big’ tune comes to your mind. So you should always be prepared to record it and with Perfect Piano, you always have that record button on your finger tips. You can share them with your friends as well.

So overall, Perfect Piano is really the perfect app that you’re all looking for. It’s available for free in the Play Store. So why are you missing all the fun? Just go and grab it today!

Pros: intuitive UI; two player and online modes; sample songs for practice; for everybody from amateur to pro; external MIDI keyboard compatible; multiple learning modes; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth HAving Application –  Download the App