Children love to learn new things, especially when they are growing up. At the age of one, they start speaking few words and that is when the parents should be extra careful. Some parents get the tuitions or preschool learning for their kids, so that they may learn something new and worthy.

ABC alphabets are those that kids learn in school and at home too initially. Teaching these ABC alphabets has become easier for the parents now. The ABC alphabet letters is an ideal app with methods and approaches that help parents in the best way.


In this app, there are interesting ways that will make your children engaged with the reading and writing of the ABC alphabets without any hassle. The features of this app are:

  • Alphabets in the phonics
  • Catchy appearance of alphabets
  • Capital alphabets with the examples
  • Complete ABC from A to Z
  • Separate lowercase alphabets

There are different tools through which kids can learn the pronunciation of the alphabets. These alphabets are recited in a way that children can learn them with the help of music or in the voice of different animals.


This app is highly helpful for the kids because that way they will learn ABC before going to school. Also, the enjoyable interface makes them understand the shapes and sounds of alphabets easily. With this app, the kids can also learn how to write the letters, as there are many writing activities in this app. You do not have to hold their hand to make them write all the time now.

You can also ask children to recognize the alphabets to check if they are learning it or not. The kids can practice writing and saying alphabets with the help of tools in this app. You do not need to hire any maid or tutor for the kids now. Simply download this app from Google Play and show it to your kids. This app is not harmful in any way for the kids because it is offering positive activities for the kids. Even when you are busy, you can give it to your kid without any worry.

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